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Vanagon High Tops for Installation and Sale

The rarer breed of Vanagon camper is High Top Vanagons and many of them are home brew jobs where someone purchases a stock Vanagon with a sunroof, then orders a high top and instals it on their own. The high tops may not have the same low key appeal as the pop top campers, but on top there is no need for racks and cargo boxes, as most gear will live upstairs full time, even when driving (apart from kayaks, paddle boards, etc.). Many of these high-top conversions have some kind of kitchen, mostly sourced from a Westphalia camper donor, but I have also seen many custom kitchens in these.

“Specializing in Vanagon High Top installation, customization and restoration. Westfalia experts. “

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Gulf Coast Vanwerks have been building custom Vanagons Supply parts since 2018 and are doing custom installation of modified engines and hightops. With facility support, painting and body work service and mechanical engine improvements / Subaru Conversions, we stock hightops.

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